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    Kenya Most Beautiful Safari Destinations

    Kenya is one the best place to visit in Africa as it is revered for it plenty of wildlife and migrations. Kenya, located in East Africa has a lot of adventure and a thrilling environment. On your trip to this country, you will have an opportunity to have a close look of the most sought-after wildlife. When you travel to Kenya, you will view the big five and other most popular wildlife.

    On the Kenya safari, the first destination should be the Maasai Mara national reserve. This attracts a lot of tourists every year. During the dry season, millions of wildebeest begin their annual journey to Maasai Mara in the search for pastures. Lions, hyenas, leopard, and the crocodile in the river Mara feed on these animals as they cross. At this place you can get a chance to experience the spectacular view and also view the other big five animals. You can travel the place using an air balloon.

    Tsavo national park is one of the oldest national parks in the areas. In the place, you are guaranteed to see a wide variety of animals. The place has several waterfalls and springs that attract the wild animals. You will view lion, zebra, buffalo, hippo, and more. With over 500 bird species, you will enjoy bird viewing. For those people who love hiking, this is an ideal place since it has a recent volcano and several caves. When on this place, other things that you can do include fishing, cave exploration, and camping.

    Lake Nakuru pride because of flamingo. You will see countless number of flamingo alongside the rhinos, giraffes, hippo, lions, and ostrich. Also, you will see the rift valley escapement and the surrounding thrilling environment. The forested area is ideal for camping where you can easily see the wild animals. Expect to see various seasonal waterfall in the place.

    The sweet water game research is another place that you should not miss with a cool environment around the year and the background of mount Kenya. You will witness the many varieties of wild animals that come to drink water. If you are an expedition lover; this place will leave you yearning for more. The site has a magnificent view, and you can drive around the areas as you learn about the different species available. Watching elephants take a sip from the watering holes, lion tracking, and camel riding are other things that you can do at this place.

    If you are planning to explore kentia, you should find a tour company. You will find various packages, and you can choose the one that suits you. When you are planning for a tour company, find a company like Africa Safari Experts who have over ten year of experience. You have an option of traveling alone or with your family.

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